I produce world-wide aerial photography and video from fixed wing aircraft or helicopter. The choice of platform depends on the brief, the budget and the areas that need to be flown over. Image stablisation equipment helps to keep flight images sharp in low light or with fast moving subjects.

Pictures from the air can be taken from an oblique or vertical angle. They can be GPS referenced, taken as a panorama and tiled together if required.

Client groups include property marketing, design and advertising, construction, transport, tourism, government and PR. Please look through the picture galleries for examples.

Costs depend on aircraft type, flying time, air traffic control and post-production work. In general, the more sites that can be included on a particular flight, the lower the cost per site. Please use the contact page if you would like to discuss anything or get a quote.

Certain pictures are available as stock images from the Library page.

I also have a website for other photography work which you can access from this linkĀ

I hope you like the pictures.

Andrew Holt